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Healthy Haiku CEO
Health and Wellness Workshops
and Speaking Engagements
Empowering Youth and Adults Since 2006​​
Offered by Transformational Health Coach
Dr. Imani Ma'at

Thanks for visiting this site! Health and Wellness Workshops are based on a scientifically evaluated and award-winning curriculum designed by Behavioral Scientist and Poet - Dr. Imani Ma’at which uses Haiku and other forms of creative expression. Haiku is a poetic form that originated in Japan in the 17th Century. It uses 17 syllables on three lines usually configured as 5-7-5 for telling a story concisely and with few words. During the workshops, participants have an opportunity to learn about health issues; and create and share their own poetry and prose.

A healthier and happier global society.

We are dedicated to fostering healthy choices and improving health outcomes for youth, adults and families through poetic and dramatic expression.

Values: We value optimal
health and wellness of individuals, businesses and communities across the globe.​
Healthy Haiku Workshops
Healthy Haiku Training for Professional Development
Are you Ready for a Powerful, Unique and Fun Professional Development Program?
Healthy Haiku Workshops are fun, creative, educational, help to create team spirit and workmanship, and reduce sickness and absenteeism. Looking for something exciting and different to bring to your staff or classroom?




Potentially his life

Was filled with potential

For endless opportunities

To create, to serve, to live.

This potential still exists

Even though his life

Choices took him off his path

Temporarily limiting

Options, joy, happiness



"Dr. Imani, thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm about health and poetry with my students. Your healthy haiku workshop taught my students how to make healthy choices and express themselves through dance, rhythm and poetry."

- Rachel Kanter First Grade Teacher at the DeKalb Prep Academy, Atlanta, GA.

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