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This book is the fourth in the Healthy Haiku Series.  It is unique and one of my favorite projects to date.  The first three books in the series address health and wellness and introduce the Healthy Haiku method as a strategy to teach about important health topics while capitalizing on the natural creative abilities and talents of the students. 


This book does all of the above while adding other tools and techniques that flow into the realm of meditation, metaphysics, energy and soul stirring.  As a poet and scientist, I chose to connect the arts with science and it has had amazing results.

" ...the spirit of this book will make the reader feel as if they are up close and personal with the life stories of transformation contain between its covers.  Like a modern-day  freedom fighter, Dr. Ma'at has walked into the imprisoned spaces of the mind and heart and offered liberation to those that were previously confined."

- Dr. Spencer Murray -

Educator, Author, Faculty - Options for Living and Learning

I share this book with excitement, fueled by my passionate desire to assist county jails and other correctional institutions with achieving a level of rehabilitation and reduced recidivism that has formerly not seemed attainable.

Dr. Imani Ma'at is a Health Provider, Behavioral Scientist, Author, Speaker and Wellness Consultant


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