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Healthy Haiku Books by Dr. Imani Ma'at

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This book is the fourth in the Healthy Haiku Series.  It is unique and one of my favorite projects to date.  The first three books in the series address health and wellness and introduce the Healthy Haiku method as a strategy to teach about important health topics while capitalizing on the natural creative abilities and talents of the students.


Like most adults, the average teenager in the United States has a nutritionally poor diet, does not engage in regular physical activity, and may be at increased risk for diseases and health challenges - many of which are related to lifestyle choices and behaviors. Accordingly, disadvantaged youth and/or youth of color (i.e., African Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans) suffer disproportionately from diseases and conditions such as obesity, diabetes as well as social health indices such as violence.

This book is a great resource for families, schools, churches, youth organizations and more. It uses science and poetry to teach about diet and lifestyles that support healthy living.


Promoting Healthy Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors among Youth Using Haiku and Creative Expression: A Training Manual for Mentors


This is an award-winning training manual that was designed to guide a new and exciting training workshop for mentors and an applied workshop for teens concerning important health issues.  The manual and workshop provide information on health issues such as delaying sex, HIV/AIDS, smoking, drinking, drug use, violence, self-esteem and obesity through the use of Haiku and other forms of poetry written about these issues.


Healthy Haiku Poetry: Using Creative Expression To Transform Youth


This is the second book that has been published as part of the Healthy Haiku Series.  This information-packed reader contains all of the health issues as the Training Manual - minus the training focus and additional resources.  Great for teens, "tweens" and family members to review and discuss information about issues and creative ways to write about them.  This book is designed to accompany the Training Manual or can stand alone.

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