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Haiku is like a vortex of energy; a haiku moment is a moment of absolute intensity in which the poet’s grasp of his intuition is complete and the image he describes lives its own life. The art of haiku is to frame reality in a single instant that will lock the poet and reader into sharing the same experience.​


If I were you I
Would do Haiku in order
To set myself Free!

Dig deep into my
Purpose & help me create
Magnificent me.

(Work on self-improvement from inside-out.)

Doin’ it now may
Limit my options. For life
Will catch up with me!

(You reap in the future what you sow today – so be cautious.)​

If you love yourself
Pass on invitations that
Just serve to harm you.


(Believe in yourself.)

HIV makes me think
About long-range options for
Living disease free.

(Think about your future and how you can protect it from HIV.)

AIDS, now that’s something
You get when you think you’ve got
It all together?

(Even people who think they know it all have been stopped in their tracks because of HIV.)


Help me know in my
Soul my goal and path to my
Special life purpose.

(Look inside yourself for answers concerning your purpose.)

When he pulled back his
Fist, he stared at the lifeless
Face of his best friend.

(Use your brain and not your fist.)

Drugs and dope and smoke
Keep me in a fog about
Everything that’s real.

(Illicit drugs are mind-altering substances.)


In jail – not because
I pulled the trigger to kill
But, drank, drove, and crashed.

(Know the legal consequences of drinking and driving.)



Potentially his life

Was filled with potential

For endless opportunities

To create, to serve, to live.

This potential still exists

Even though his life

Choices took him off his path

Temporarily limiting

Options, joy, happiness


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