Healthy Haiku Productions has 4 unique programs:​​

• HH Professional Development Program for Mentors, Teachers, Faculty, Staff, Parents and others;
• HH Workshops for "tweens" and teens;
• Blog Talk  Radio Show – Wednesdays 8-9 PM EST (offering advertising opportunities and interviews); and
• Motivational and Keynote Speeches/Presentations.

We utilize all three of Dr. Ma'at’s publications in the Healthy Haiku Series. The first, Promoting Healthy Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors among Youth Using Haiku and Creative Expression: A Training Manual for Mentors, provides mentors with a step-by-step curriculum guide for holding Healthy Haiku Workshops and is used for instruction during the workshops. The second book is entitled Healthy Haiku Poetry: Using Creative Expression To Transform Youth.  The third and most recent book is entitled Healthy Haiku 3: How to Fight Childhood Obesity One Poem at a Time.

The books and workshops cover information on important health issues such as: delaying sex, HIV/AIDs, smoking, drinking, drug use, violence/bullying, self-esteem and obesity through the use of Haiku and other poetry. We invite you to join us in empowering youth and adults in your community or organization to make healthy choices in all areas of their lives.

For potential clients - we are excited about partnering with schools, churches, mentoring organizations, corporations and women's oganizations. We also hold Professional Development programs for youth mentors and staff agencies that include a health education mission for their staff. Contact us for rates and schedules in order for us to begin sharing this wonderful - award-winning workshop with your organization.

For those that would like to work with us, we are expanding quickly! Earn income as a Referral Affiliate! Don't miss this exciting opportunity! Referral agents will receive commission by making referrals of prospective clients and other referral Affiliates. Get trained, set your schedule...and get PAID! Please do not click on Affiliates Link as we are restructuring that process. Call us at 404-702-4382 for more information.