Dr. Imani Ma'at


Dr. Imani Ma’at is a Health Educator and Behavioral Scientist who worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for 22 years.  She specialized in community and international health, HIV/AIDS, and chronic diseases.  She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program of Morehouse School of Medicine teaching courses such as Women’s Health and Development, Research Methods and Intercultural Communications and Health.  Dr. Ma’at is the CEO of her own business appropriately titled Focused Health, LLC which specializes educational workshop design and implementation, focus group design, implementation and analysis of data.

Due to her passion for working with youth and the arts, she co-founded a non-profit teen theater/health education group entitled Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.) 4 Health, Inc.  Most recently she launched a poetry workshop series for youth entitled Healthy Haiku 4 Youth, which has been systematically evaluated, with a Fellowship from Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuskegee University and University of Alabama documenting the effectiveness of this unique strategy.

Dr. Ma’at has published three books based on the workshop entitled:  Promoting Healthy Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors Among Youth Using Haiku and Creative Expression: A Training Manual for Mentors which provides information on health issues such as delaying sex, HIV, violence, self-esteem, diet and exercise (and much more) and provides examples of Haiku and other poetry written about the issues.  The second book, published in 2010, is entitled, Healthy Haiku Poetry: Using Creative Expression to Transform Youth.

The most recently published book in the Healthy Haiku Series is Healthy Haiku 3: How to Fight Childhood Obesity One Poem at a Time! This book is the third in the Healthy Haiku Productions (HHP) Series of books and the first to be introduced as an ebook for easy downloading and access. It is designed to do several things. It: 1) Serves as a health awareness discussion platform for teachers and mentors. 2) Acts as a guide for helping children, teens and their mentors explore important nutritional health issues;3) Introduces children and teens to the world of the English Language Arts and Haiku poetry,4) Engages teens in using their creative talents to describe feelings and experiences related to diet and nutritional health issues — using a self-reflective process; and5) Creates a Power Source Prompt (PSP) for youth to draw upon when faced with real-life challenges regarding their diets and habits related to nutritional health.

Dr. Ma’at has earned degrees from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

Garry A. Ogden, Sr. JD

Garry A. Ogen, Sr. JD is co-founder of Y.E.S 4 Health, Inc. and is a graduate of Northwestern University of Memphis' Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.  Since 1969 he has worked as an educator and in a number of Youth Development positions.  During his career he has worked to provide opportunities for children and youth who have been marginalized because of their socio-economic standing.  Much of his experience occurred in  the inner-city of some of America's largest cities, such as New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta.  He has provided direct services in schools, churches and community centers and he has had the opportunity to start, manage and improve programs in the cities listed above.

Mr. Ogden's most recent positions were National Program Director for an organization that provides after-school Youth Development, computer tutorials and mentoring for over 1,000 young people in grades 3-9 and as the Family, Transition and Mentoring Coordinator for over 800 youth in grades 6-12 at an Atlanta alternative school.  Prior to becoming the National Program Director in his last position, with the same organization, he started a program in Atlanta as a Center Director.  As the Center Director, he started with no staff, no students and no physical location for the program.  Between April and September, he successfully hired two paid staff members, 20 volunteers, created a partnership that provided funding for an additional 8 teachers and created a collaborative that added 6 more staff and 20 computers.  Also, during that time he recruited 218 students, and then created a database for them and began to see academic and behavioral improvement by the end of the first semester.  His accomplishments and contributions have been recognized in the community by such organizations as Judge Hatchett's (K.I.N.D) Kids in Need of Dreams and by the former Benjamin Carson School; both located in Atlanta.

Arlene Fabio

Arlene Thompson Fabio is native to the New York region, having grown up in Westchester County, NY and currently living in New City, New York with her family.  A Human Resources professional for a non-profit organization, Arlene has worked for many years in the employee management, training, and education fields. She holds a Bachelors degree from Tufts University and a Masters degree in Business from Clark Atlanta University.  She is currently pursuing a level of proficiency in American Sign Language.  As the mother of two young children, she is very active in the community of Rockland County, serving on the Board of Directors for Naomi’s Program of Excellence (NPE).  NPE’s was founded ten years ago on the belief that all children are naturally gifted and can excel educationally.   Parents are a child’s primary educator and needs the support of the school and the community to provide the appropriate educational experiences for a child.  Arlene’s faith has called her to teach Christian education at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York for fifteen years.  She has used her creativity to lead programs for her fourth grade class and the junior division of the church school. Arlene has made significant contributions to the new platform of Healthy Haiku Productions and envisions that her wealth of knowledge and experience in children’s programming and management will continue to contribute to the mission, vision, and values of Healthy Haiku Productions.

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