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Healthy Haiku Workshops take participants on a journey that in the spirit of  the great Brazilian Educator, Paulo Freire,  starts from where they are and builds as a team to understand the important health issues such as violence and nutrition from the personal, group, community and global levels. 

Our desire is to help each participant find their “voice!”  These videos give a glimpse of how our process draws out the inner knowing of the children and adults that participate as well as building and reinforcing a team spirit!


Exercise and movement is encouraged and practiced by Healthy Haiku participants.  In this clip, see Zumba warmup lead by the fabulous Ms. Shari Mimi.

Working with youth from the International Community making music and learning about health at Clarkston Community Center in DeKalb County, GA.

Brainstorming is a big part of our process of teaching about healthy choices.  It helps to empower participants and results in finished products of poetry, spoken word, drama and more!

D'Verbal - long time participant in Y.E.S. 4 Health, Inc Theater Group and Healthy Haiku as an actor, choreographer, singer and mentor gives a Haiku spin to the hazards of overeating.

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